Welcome! Here is where you'll be able to purchase CrysWillFitLife brand products as well as Class Packages. 




Class Packages are Eligible for use for ResistHIIT and HIIT Hop Cycle classes, and are transferable between the classes. You may also extend a credit in the package to a friend as a gift. Here's how it works:



1) Complete your purchase for a package of your choosing.


2) Upon receipt of purchase, you will be sent a promo code (exclusive to you) via e-mail to use while registering for classes via Eventbrite that will allow you to register without making an additional purchase. *Please allow 24 hours for e-mail to be sent


3) Regular CrysWillFitLife 12-hour class cancellation policy still applies to package purchases.


3 Class Package 

Package has a 2 month expiration from date of purchase.


5 Class Package 

(You Receive ONE CLASS FREE!) 

Package has a 4 month expiration from date of purchase.