StrongBodies 4 HomeBodies VIirtual Group Fitness Sessions are Now LIVE!  We are all cooped up indoors due to this quarantine - craving movement, consistency and community - and that's what CrysWillFitLife is bringing to your homes! We sweat as one via the Zoom web conferencing platform, spending 45 minutes focusing on total body strength + cardio work, or  30 minutes on a muscle group specific workout that will leave you challenged, empowered, and an all-over, "I'm kicking quarantine's @$$" feeling! (NOTE: Classes are modifiable for all fitness levels)
Equipment Needed for the class will be listed in your class confirmation e-mail.
Current StrongBodies4 HomeBodies SUMMER (July-mid September) Schedule:
Mon 8a - SB4HB Total Body (30 Mins)
Wed 8a SB4HB Ass + Abs (30 Mins)
Friday 8a - SB4HB All Out EMOM (30 Min)

CLASS FORMATS: (Please Note that all classes can be done with or without equipment.Equipment/equipment equivalent needed for each class is listed in the confirmation e-mails and stated at the beginning of each class.)

Total Body (Mondays 8a *Summer Schedule*) -  30 Minute Strength + Cardio exercise circuits targeting every muscle group. Lots of combination exercises are included in the circuits to maximize the burn!

Ass + Abs (Wednesdays 8am) - 30 Minute Class focusing specifically on building a solid & strong base for your body with exercises targeting the glutes, quads, hips and abdominals.

All Out EMOM (Fridays 8am) - 30 Minute Class that ups the ante (and your cardio endurance) with workouts for certain amounts of reps to be completed in 60 seconds time. Think fitness challenge game! Great way to end the week!

READY TO GET YOUR VIRTUAL FITLIFE? Visit our Bookings page for info on how you can sign up for your first class!
For up-to-date info, scheduling and class pricing/member cards,  please follow CrysWillFitLife on Instagram or join the CrysWillFitLife Mailing List. You can also e-mail directly for questions and concerns. 
This quarantine is difficult for us all, but we've been presented with a great opportunity for self-empowerment. Let's (as Crys always says) carpe the eff out of this diem and get stronger - together!


*Please Note both HIIT Hop Cycle & ResistHIIT are currently on hiatus; apologies for the inconvenience!*


7a Spin at Chalk Gyms

8a Core + More at Chalk Gyms


9a      Spin at Body Elite Gym

10a Functional Movement Circuit at Body Elite Gym


12p Spin at Chalk Gyms

6:15p Spin at Chalk Gyms


7p Rip N' Ride at The Sheffield *private class, residents only*


9:45a  Core Circut at Body Elite Gym

10:45a Spin at Body Elite Gym

11:45a BOOTYcamp at Body Elite Gym *NEW DATE/TIME!

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