Welcome to The Breezy Blog! Appropriately named after my not-so-alter ego (my moniker from my Hip-Hop Journalism days), here is where you will find  my unadulterated musings about fitness (especially voicing my opinions on certain “trends” or “fads”!), nutrition and overall wellness. I’ll also be posting updates on my favorite workout tunes of the moment, as well as features on dope individuals doing the damn thing in their respective fields that I think you should know about! I hope every piece refreshes your perspective with information, laughter and light.

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5 Tips To Motivate Yourself to Work Out (When You Really Don’t F*cking Feel Like It!)

I get it. I’ve been there. The temperatures are rising, which means Happy Hour with the co-workers or even sleeping in with Bae in the morning appeal more to you than having the force the effort to complete treadmill intervals for an hour or have someone scream at you to “GO HARDER!” when you’ve been chewed out all day by your boss. The problem is, you do it once or twice and manage to forgive yourself, but then those two skip-the-gym days turn into weeks, and suddenly, the jeans you slid into like butter on Memorial Day are bursting at the seams come Labor Day. But it doesn’t have to go down (or rather, UP) like that! I say this often, a big part of becoming or maintaining a state of physic

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